We are what we eat. It is an old cliche, but also very true. What we put into our bodies will determine how well it works. The foods that we eat are the raw materials and fuel of every process and activity that occurs to keep us functioning.Nutrition

There is a major chemical component to pain due to the process of inflammation. There are foods that promote inflammation and foods that decrease inflammation inside the body. A diet high in anti-inflammatory foods is essential in order to control pain.

There are many causes of inflammation including physical stress, trauma, emotional stress, and poor diet. Inflammation not only leaves one more sensitive to pain, but also leads to many serious and life threatening conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, GI dysfunction, among others.

Aside from influencing the inflammatory process, nutrients from foods also provide building blocks and catalysts for repair and healing and for optimal function. Unfortunately our modern food supply has been largely depleted of many essential nutrients required for thriving health. This being a reality, supplementation can be helpful in assuring we are getting what we need. No, our ancestors did not require supplements because they were not eating processed foods, nor meat and produce mass produced on factory farms. Times have changed, and unfortunately so has our food.

If you are using supplements, it is extremely important to choose reputable brands. There are a lot of poor quality products on the shelves and available online. These products can have harmful and unnecessary ingredients such as preservatives, pesticides and dyes, subpar ingredients that lack beneficial potency, or can be falsely labeled and not have any of the target ingredient at all. So at the least, they can be a complete waste of money, and at the worst, they can actually be harming you.