Runner Avoids Surgery, Overcomes Pain and Runs 4 of Her Fastest Marathons!

Severe Chronic Pain Resolved!

Dr. Inesta really helped me to increase range of motion in my hips and lower back where I was very tight. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable about the bio-mechanics of the body, and he targeted his therapies and suggested exercises to address the root causes of my issues. He was very professional, and I was lucky to stumble upon him!

Julian Illingworth
9 Time US National Squash Champion
Highest Ranked US Squash Player of All Time

After 30 years in the fitness business, you’d think I’d know how to take care of my body,
but I overtrain it and neglect it and sometimes don’t pay attention to the signs that tell
me I’m doing so. Thank goodness for Dr Inesta who gets me back on track, educates
me and gives me good solid care. I am amazed at the time he takes in each appointment
and am reassured that he is listening to me and taking the right steps. No matter
how broken I feel walking in, I always experience an upgrade in well being upon leaving.
Sometimes, he is a miracle worker and most times, an incredibly great doctor.

Renee Diamond
Yoga Alliance ERYT500 Yoga Teacher
Certified Personal Trainer

Dr. Inesta has really helped me to get back on my feet and active again. He has helped me through a few injuries. He takes to the time to figure out the underlining cause of the injury, and then helps you to understand why it occurred. He is very professional with his treatments, takes the time to explain the recovery process, and helps map out a course for your comeback. Dr. Inesta helps you to get your function back and makes you feel like a new person!

Ricardo Santos
Head Coach Iona College Cross Country/Track & Field

I have been going to Dr. Inesta for quite a few years now. As a fitness professional I am always extremely active and with that at times comes pain and misalignment. I have several instances where coming in for a few treatments made a world of a difference for me in terms of how I feel and function. One was prior to a power lifting meet where I nearly tore my right hamstring. The meet was set to go two days after I had strained my hamstring to the point where I felt a pop while teaching a class. Dr. Inesta did some technical magic and taped me up and I actually went on to taking first place in my weight class! Another happened just recently as I started doing OCR’s (Obstacle Course Races), I began to feel more and more hip, shoulder and lower back pain. I haven’t been to see him in a while but when I came back after the first adjustment/treatment I felt so much better! I felt just about normal as I did a good while ago! Because of this I was able to achieve a personal best in one of the races without pain. Dr. Inesta has been and will continue to be my go to guy as far as his services are concerned. I have recommended clients of mine to him and I would refer many others to him as well. In addition to the treatments I also get to learn a few things that I can bring back to my clients as I teach them how to move better and lead better lifestyles.

Maurice Johnson
EFTI T3+ Personal Trainer
Precision Nutrition Coach
Spartan SGX Coach

I approached Nicole DeLorey four to five years ago after hearing from several colleagues they were very happy with their experience working with her. Being a male ballet dancer, I have struggles with back spasms and general muscle tightness. In the earlier years of my career I was able to manage these set backs with massage and physical therapy, but as my schedule became more intense so did the level of pain and discomfort. Acupuncture with Nicole has been the most beneficial method of maintaining a healthy body. Nicole is an extremely knowledgable acupuncturist and seems to know exactly what spots to needle without even asking. In addition, she is very understanding and gives you a sense that you’re working together as a team. Working with Nicole has allowed me to continue dancing at times that no other method of maintenance was able give me the same relief. Nicole has helped me immensely and I would recommend her work to a wide variety of people, especially someone who has pain due to a physical life style.

Chase Finlay
Principal Dancer NYCB

Nicole DeLorey is a miracle worker with acupuncture needles. She works with me on addressing the care of my muscles and relieving pressure on my joints in a way that allows for a quicker recovery period than other treatments. With dancing, many times the knots are buried in deeper muscles that a massage cannot reach easily or painlessly. Nicole’s techniques address these muscles and get me back on the stage almost immediately. Her gentle approach is top notch and she genuinely cares about the health and wellness of her patients. I wouldn’t be able to do my job without her healing abilities!

Jennifer Dunne
Broadway Performer
Chicago the Musical

Having had debilitating migraine headaches for almost 15 years, I believed my only option was managing the pain by avoiding triggers, cutting out foods and medicating. Nicole and her acupuncture has shown me that I was wrong. Thanks to Nicole and acupuncture, I no longer find myself trying to just survive the headache, but rather, I rarely have any headaches at all!

Samantha B

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